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Replacement ACER 91.48R28.001 Laptop Battery

ACER laptop batteries® Give your laptop new life with a higher capacity ACER 91.48R28.001 batteries are not subject to the memory effect common with older battery technology.

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ACER 91.48R28.001 Model
Green & Protect The Environment!
  • Net Weight : 295g
  • Laptop Battery Chemistry : Li-ion
  • Laptop Battery Voltage : 14.8V
  • Laptop Battery Capacity : 1800mAh
  • Laptop Battery Cell Origin: Japan
  • Laptop Battery Color : Dark blue
  • Product Number : LNAC011
  • Dimensions : 142.65x70.65x16.05 mm
USD $65.87+ UPS
ACER 91.48R28.001 Laptop Battery

Hi-Capacity™. No Memory Effect

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1) To maintain the optimum performance of the ACER 91.48R28.001 Laptop Battery, it is highly recommended to circle (fully discharging and recharging) it at least once a month. Note: It is normal if a new ACER 91.48R28.001 battery gets warm when being charged or used.

2), Many people think they can just buy any old battery and go to work. Batteries must be chosen carefully for each Acer laptop. Keeping them charged and working is the key to success. You do not want to lose your important work because the battery goes dead at the most inopportune moment. Take care to watch the meter on the battery and keep it charged to the full potential if at all possible when in use.
3), Buying laptops with smaller displays may also help improve your battery life. Keep the screen on the dimmest setting that you are still able to read. Set the Sleep Mode on the computer. For example, if you haven't used the laptop in fifteen to twenty minutes, it will turn itself off to conserve battery energy. Make sure to also notice the power left on the battery at different intervals. This will tell you when the battery is almost dead, and you need to replace it before you lose all your documents.
4),Extreme changes in temperature will also cause problems in batter usage. Extreme heat will cause the power in the battery too quickly. Extreme cold will give the battery problems starting up. If at all possible, keep the laptop plugged in to keep the battery power for when you don't have electrical access for charging. If the battery does become warm or even hot to the touch, it may be a problem with the circuit that helps charge the battery. Make sure to have it checked completely if you are unsure by a professional.