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Replacement LENOVO FRU 42T5204 Laptop Battery

LENOVO laptop batteries® Give your laptop new life with a higher capacity LENOVO FRU 42T5204 batteries are not subject to the memory effect common with older battery technology.

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LENOVO FRU 42T5204 Model
Green & Protect The Environment!
  • Net Weight : 542.67g
  • Laptop Battery Chemistry : Li-ion
  • Laptop Battery Voltage : 14.4V
  • Laptop Battery Capacity : 4000mAh
  • Laptop Battery Cell Origin: Japan
  • Laptop Battery Color : Silver
  • Product Number : LNLV004
  • Dimensions : 272.30x106.37x20.00 mm
USD $60.91 [Full One Year Warranty]

LENOVO FRU 42T5204 Laptop Battery

Hi-Capacity™. No Memory Effect

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1) To maintain the optimum performance of the LENOVO FRU 42T5204 Laptop Battery, it is highly recommended to circle (fully discharging and recharging) it at least once a month. Note: It is normal if a new LENOVO FRU 42T5204 battery gets warm when being charged or used.

2) Tips to maximise Lenovo IBM/LENOVO Battery performance:

All of us want to prolong our laptop battery's life. What should we do to prolong the battery life? here is some brief guide to extend your Lenovo IBM/LENOVO battery life...
Charge new batteries: New IBM/LENOVO battery in a discharged condition must be fully charged before use. It is recommended that you fully charge and discharge your battery two to four times to enable it to reach its maximum rated capacity.
Preventing the memory effect: Keep your Lenovo IBM/LENOVO battery in health care and then comply fully at least once every two to three weeks. Exceptions to the rule are Li-Ion batteries which do not suffer from memory effect.
Keep your battery clean: It's a good idea to clean dirty laptop battery with a cotton swab and alcohol. This HEPS maintain a good connection between the battery and the laptop.
Exercise your IBM/LENOVO battery: Do not let your battery dormant for long periods of time. I recommend using the battery at least once every two to three weeks. If a battery has not been used for a long period of time, perform the new battery break in the proceedings described above.
Battery storage: If you do not use Lenovo IBM/LENOVO battery for a month or more, I recommend storing it in a clean, dry and cool away from heat and metal objects.
The life of a rechargeable IBM/LENOVO battery operating under normal conditions is generally between 500 to 800 charge-discharge cycles.This translates into one and half to three years of battery life for the average user.
Lenovo IBM/LENOVO laptop battery normal temperature: -20 degrees to 65 degrees.So,do not expose the Laptop Battery to high heat or freezing temperatures. Do not leave the battery in your car in the summer. Hot batteries discharge very quickly, and cold ones can't create as much power.